A Guide To Australian Cuisine


Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world. While it may not be as well-known as other developed nations, it has plenty to offer any visitor who’s looking for an adventure. From outback deserts to thriving metropolises and everything in between, Australia has a lot to offer its inhabitants and visitors alike. One thing you won’t want to miss while visiting this great country is its food!

A Guide To Australian Cuisine

Getting local food and drink

  • Drink water.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation.
  • Drink coffee, tea and juice.
  • Milk is fine to drink if you are lactose intolerant but it’s not essential for your health and can be high in fat if you’re choosing full-fat varieties of milk products like cream or ice cream (which we don’t recommend). Try almond milk instead! It contains less calories than regular cow’s milk but has similar nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamin D. If you have trouble digesting lactose then try taking an enzyme tablet with every meal containing dairy products such as cheese or yoghurt as this will help break down the sugars found in these foods which would otherwise cause discomfort when digested by your body

Traditional Australian cuisine

Australian cuisine is a fusion of various cuisines, most notably British, Irish, Aboriginal and Asian. Australian foods has been heavily influenced by the country’s native wildlife that can be found in abundance on its landmass.

The traditional Australian diet is largely composed of meat (beef and pork), fish and seafood with some vegetables incorporated into meals for additional nutrients. It’s known for its emphasis on fresh produce and simple preparation methods such as barbecuing or chargrilling over an open flame. When it comes to desserts there’s nothing better than pavlova – an egg-based meringue dessert topped with whipped cream and fruit such as strawberries or kiwi fruit slices!

Eating in Sydney

Sydney is a vibrant city with a lot of options for food. If you’re looking to try some traditional Australian cuisine, there are plenty of places that offer it as well. However, if you want something more adventurous and new, Sydney has plenty of choices there too!

Here are some tips on where to eat in Sydney:

  • Chinatown is one of the best places for eating out in the city. There are lots of great restaurants here with authentic Chinese food at reasonable prices (and even lower if you go during lunchtime). The atmosphere here is really fun too–it’s easy to see why this place became such an attraction for tourists over time!

Australian BBQ and salad

Australian BBQ is a delicious way to cook meat and veggies over an open fire. It’s also known as “Aussie tucker” or “a feed of meat.” To make this dish, you need:

  • A good amount of charcoal (about enough for two hot dogs will do)
  • An iron skillet or grill pan with holes in it
  • Sausages or steak (you can use chicken if you want)

Where to eat in Melbourne

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth, Australia’s most isolated city on the west coast of Australia and home to over 2 million people. You can visit this beautiful place by taking a trip down south for some R&R!

If you’re looking for something more exotic than what your local grocery store has to offer, then Byron Bay is the place for you. Located on New South Wales’ central coast, it offers great beaches and delicious food options all within walking distance of each other!

How to find the best food and coffee in Brisbane

  • Brisbane has a reputation for its coffee.
  • There are many great restaurants in Brisbane and it’s also home to some of Australia’s best food trucks.
  • There is no shortage of cafes, bars and pubs serving up delicious meals all over the city.

Perth restaurants and cafes you should try

The capital of Western Australia, Perth is a city that knows how to eat. From humble cafes serving up great coffee and friendly service to swanky restaurants that wow with their food, Perth has something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite places to grab a bite:

  • [Nonna’s Kitchen](https://www.nonnaskitchen.com/)

This Italian restaurant offers delicious pasta dishes like gnocchi with pesto sauce or spaghetti bolognese, as well as pizza with toppings like prosciutto di parma or roasted peppers and mozzarella cheese (the perfect complement to your glass of red!). The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming–you’ll feel right at home here!

  • [The Local Cow](http://thelocalfoodcoop.com/)

A vegetarian café known for its fresh ingredients and creative menu items such as avocado toast made with mashed avocado instead of butter; sweet potato wedges served with chipotle mayo dipping sauce; or vegan “egg” salad served on whole wheat bread slices topped with lettuce leaves & tomato slices served alongside fresh fruit smoothies made using seasonal berries grown locally nearby!

Things to try at Byron Bay’s cafes, restaurants & food trucks

  • Breakfast at the Byron Bay Bakery
  • Breakfast at Muffin Break
  • Lunch at The Byron Bay Hotel
  • Dinner at The Coolangatta Hotel


There are so many unique foods to try in Australia, and that’s just the beginning. You can also find some amazing coffee, local craft beer and wine. If you’re looking for something specific or just want to explore what each city has to offer then check out our guides above!